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Woohoo it works!

Tue Jul 17 19:26:39 UTC 2007

I finally got this working with a CGI form handler... no more logging into shell and running the script manually!



Mon Aug 13 06:16:34 UTC 2007

Well that was... interesting. I was trying to clean up the script a bit, having it do error checking and proper exiting. I also made it use unique temporary files instead of always writing to the same ones, and now it cleans up after itself when it's done. I couldn't get it to work at first, but then I found that I was having troubles with variable file names, I had parentheses around the variable portion instead of curly braces, and it's almost impossible to tell the difference between the two with the font I was using. So note to self: use a better font.

I also got it to use <p> tags now for proper paragraphing instead of <br> tags... Still need to get around to that BBcode thing too.


Sat Nov 24 16:24:08 UTC 2007

Heh. I threw my "room mate" out a few days ago.. now I have the place to myself. Spent the day before Thanksgiving with my dad, spent Thanksgiving alone.

Haven't worked on the script for this page in a long time... may start work on it again, I don't know yet.

Not Pigeons

Mon Dec 10 02:18:36 UTC 2007

Yaya, I did some more work on here.

Working on my stylesheet and made an archive thingy for old messages... should it ever be needed heh. I need to stop being lazy and do more stuff, it's actually fun.

Happy Birthday To Me

Sun May 25 02:34:49 UTC 2008

It's my birthday today. And I'm actually posting something.

More Work

Tue Jun 17 02:04:01 UTC 2008

Finally got the script down to putting things in one file instead of having a file for each entry (which would have used up quota eventually)

Took a little bit of trickery, but got it to work without adding too much crap to it.

Even More Work

Tue Jun 17 08:32:04 UTC 2008

Cleaned things up a bit more and tried to regain some focus.

Had a lot of old crap sitting around from different versions and some pretty bad names and methods for things... heh. Still not perfect but it is a little more clean now. (Just a little)


Mon Mar 26 14:49:32 UTC 2018